Teaching 10th graders Russian Culture?

Question by Caniodenna: Teaching 10th graders Russian Culture?
I’ve started teaching at a Saturday Russian School (I’m 20). The 10th grade is comprised of 14-16 year old, and I was selected to teach them Russian Culture. I figured to teach them some artists and display art, maybe watch a few operas, ballets, composers and their music. For an exam, each student will pick any topic we went over, and write a more detailed report on it (about 3-5 pages, I think). Does anyone have any tips on making the class better? Such as, would my topics stated above be good enough? I don’t want it to be EXTREMELY difficult, since 10th grade is the last year, and they should focus more on the Russian Language, which is always the most difficult class, but it should be good enough so that they actually retain something. Any help is greatly appreciated!

The answer by Martina H :

If you want to make it more fun/interesting, invite local artists/dancers to the school to show the kids what they do and teach them how to do the dances, etc. Also, cooking is a big part of learning culture have a day to learn traditional meals. Have the kids design some simple costumes (we put ours together from thrift store) and maybe during lunch they can let kids sample foods or put on the dances you learned.

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