The 2 Main Flaws of Typical Self Defense Systems

The 2 Main Flaws of Typical Self Defense Systems

Most Self Defense systems that are taught around the world fail to train you for the reality of a confrontational situation. The reality is this: The situation never happens the way you expect it. You could spend your whole life going to Self Defense classes and watching martial arts movies really believing that you would know exactly what to do if anything ever happened to you only to find yourself freezing like a deer in headlights when something finally does. Many Self Defense “gurus” talk about visualizing the situation to prepare your mind for it but this never works, the reason for this is because when it happens your emotions will take over your mind which is something you simply cannot prepare for by visualizing. The feeling of fear will surge through your body like an electric shock, your palms will be sweaty, you will lose the ability to think with logical reason and your heart will begin to race, your breathing will become fast and shallow which will only exasperate the dominant feeling of anxiety already coarsing through your veins, not to mention the distorting effects of tunnel vision and loss of hearing. Does this really seem like a situation you can prepare for significantly by imagining? I don’t think so. This is why you need to be trained in a way that will enable you to be ready for any situation.

Another aspect that most Self Defense systems fail in is the fact that the reactive and demonstrational way in which they train you is all wrong. A guy will stand up and demonstrate on someone else and then ask the rest of the class to copy him. He has probably executed that technique thousands of times and he shows you once and you’re expected to repeat it. This can be very daunting for people when they realize they aren’t doing it right or it just doesn’t feel right to them. They can feel confused and/or humiliated and begin to tell themselves that they must be no good at Self Defense. Why do you think there are so many people who only go to one class and never come back? This is the main reason for this. Also, you are always trained to wait for the other person to attack you. Why would you want to be trained to wait for someone to attack you? How could that be useful in a real life situation?……Exactly, it couldn’t possibly be yet that is the way most people are trained in Self Defense.

The truth is that Self Defense classes are a business just like any other; that make their money from customers, just like any other. Most of them provide an unrealistically passive environment to demonstrate techniques, but the main disadvantage is that most people need to see those techniques over and over again until they can grasp them. This is why learning Self Defense from home is so much better because when you’re watching a video you can watch the technique as many times as you need to and practice it in your own time. This is something you simply cannot do in a typical class environment. Also, you don’t have to pay every time you watch a video either. The typical type of Self Defense that is taught in classes is always reactive but the fact of the matter is it needs to be proactive, automatic and instinctive to yield any real results. It needs to be instinctive so that you never need to think about what to do, which will guarantee that you have the upper hand in any confrontational situation.

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