The Sizzling Siren’s Burlesque Fusion Dance Class Cycle 5 May 2009

The Sizzling Sirens were founded to create original, entertaining, visually dazzling and thought-provoking performance pieces and themed events to incite a freshness of perception for our audience, affording a memorable experience that leaves them clamoring for more! A fresh, innovative dance theatre company that is reimagining Sacramentos alternative arts & culture landscape, The Sirens infuse diverse elements of dance, motion, music, mask work and allure into the classical burlesque structure, creating a truly unprecedented performance experience. As an extention of our mission and core values as women and a thriving contemporary burlesque troupe, we proudly host an on-going series of burlesque fusion dance classes! The movements we cover and routines we create for these beginners classes are meant to be a vehicle for women to celebrate themselves and take ownership of their sexuality and social confidence, while increasing core strength, grace, flexibility, fluidity and of course having a blast!
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