Warm Up Before Working Up

Warm Up Before Working Up

Because exercise is good for the health, many people are involved in working out in their daily life. Before exercise, warming up is required to avoid injury and other risks. However, there are some people always ignore the warming up stage. Maybe they do not know the importance of warming up, so we will discuss this subject in this article.

Why should you warm up before exercise?
Once a person starting doing exercise, there are some changes occur inside his or here body, such as blood flow, respiratory rate, the amount of oxygen and nutrient delivered to the cells increase. The increase should go up with a steady pace to prepare the body for the physical stress which workout will cause. If one ignore this stage before working out, the body will not function that efficiently and the results of the workout will be poor.
Warming up prepares mental awareness, alertness, and nervous system for the exercise.
Warming up helps loosen up muscle and joints so that one is less likely to get injured.
Warming up increase the fluid that is located in the joints, decrease the chance for wear and tear of the muscles.
Warming up prepares the heart for pumping up enough blood into muscles while doing exercising.
Warming up is very important for older women and men, because these people have weaker hearts, their joints have less fluid, they have less supple tissues. For older people, one of the bad risks that exercise without warming up can cause is heart attack.

There are several simple ways one can use to warm up, such as walk or jog for a few minutes. Or use some exercise machines, such as elliptical machine, stationary bike, and treadmill.
The pace to start at should be gentle, and then speed up steadily. Commonly, you can stop after 3-5 minutes. Then do some stretching. All done.

By the way, do not forget to cool down after working out, it is as important as warming up.

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