Warm Up Exercises – Simple Ways To Warm Up

Warm Up Exercises – Simple Ways To Warm Up
Warming up before playing any sport or going through any kind of workout is very important. Aside from the fact that it loosens your tense muscles, ligaments, and tendons in order to reduce your risk of injury, it also helps you mentally prepare for the activity, boosts your immune system, and ensures that your burn the most energy and calories.

There are many warm up exercises that are available, some depending on the sport that you will play. But if you are not too focused on a routine that is particular to the strenuous activity you are going to do, there are several basic, yet complete, ones that you can do. The succeeding paragraphs will give you some of these said routines.

Short Jog. This is an exercise that you can do that doesn’t take too much trouble. It’s best to jog at an easy pace for your warm up. You don’t need to jog very far; simply jogging in place for at least 5 minutes will suffice! All you need to remember is that your breathing should be at a steady pace and not labored. Your legs should also feel like the muscles are loosening and not straining. If you feel pain then you shouldn’t continue, either with the warm up or the workout after.

Jumping Jacks. Considered an advanced form of warm up exercises because it is highly beneficial, jumping jacks are one of the best ways to prepare your body for an activity. This is because it involves numerous parts of your body, such as your back, calves, shoulders and thighs–making it a total body warm up that can be done quickly and easily.

Step Touches. This is a really good warm up for sports that require a lot of running because if releases the tension in your ankles, knees, calves, and hamstrings. To do it you should stand with your feet shoulder-length apart. Step to the right with your right foot and then bring your left foot over to it. Quickly step to your left with your left foot and bring your right foot over. As you progress, you should pick up the pace. Do this for 1-3 minutes.

Shoulder Stretch. This loosens up your posterior deltoids and your upper back, which would make it the perfect choice if the sport or workout you want to do involves any rowing or pulling movements. To begin, you should stand with your arms relaxed by your sides. Lift your left arm and draw it towards your right shoulder. Hold your left elbow with your right hand and apply some pressure on it gently. Hold the position for 30 seconds and repeat with your other arm.

You should never underestimate the numerous physical and mental benefits that warm up exercises afford you before any activity. Always keep in mind that it is a fundamental and safe practice to do so before any training or physically tasking session.

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