What class should I take for dance?

Question by Zee Cas: What class should I take for dance?
I want to be a professional lyrical/contemporary dancer when I grow up so I’m takeing a ballet class and contemporary. I can only have one more class jazz or tap. I took a few classes of tap and love it but my dance instructor suggest jazz instead so I’m stuck in the middle because they both look so fun and energetic. Please help 🙂

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Answer by haley
I think you should do jazz i also do contemporay and you will benefit but you should balance out u can also take online tap lessons

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  • ELIZA-JAYNE says:

    I suggest Jazz because it will help you a lot more in lyrical/contemporary. For example, in Ballet, you normally wouldn’t learn special leaps like second leaps, switch leaps, and calypso leaps, but they might end up wanting to use them in a lyrical dance. You’d learn those in Jazz. Tap wouldn’t help very much, though it’s a nice thing to be able to do, because not many people can nowadays.

    So yeah, do Jazz 🙂
    Tap would be nice to do maybe later when you can take more classes, and if you really enjoy it, just buy some tap shoes and practice at home using youtube videos.

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