What do I need for beginner ballet class?

Question by Sophia: What do I need for beginner ballet class?
I havent done ballet for 8 years and im finally starting again what would I need to bring? I know people also bring ballet bags…. (essential and optional items)

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Answer by Alex
Nude, black, or pink tights, a black leotard, ballet shoes (if you don’t have any i guess jazz shoes), Hair should pulled back tightly into bun and sprayed with hairspray, a black sports bra that doesn’t show much, a water bottle, make sure your phone is off, make sure you are on time a lot of ballet teachers get mad if you waste their time. Have fun!

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  • CAT says:

    a small bag and have shorts and a tee in there as well as your shoes. i would wear pink tights and a black leotard with booty shorts. if you dont think ppl will wear a leotard, wear a tee shirt over it and when other people arrive see what they are wearing. if they are wearing a leotard, take off the t shirt and if they are wearing a t shirt just keep it on (: also bring water and a small snack and bring BOBBY PINS AND HAIR TIES i always need those lol wear your hair in a bun

  • Diamonds says:

    – Pink tights
    – Pink ballet shoes
    – Black leotard
    – Legwarmers, black booty shorts, black chiffon skirt (if you want to and/or if your dance studio allows you to wear them in the dress code)
    – Bobby pins
    – Clips or hair pins
    – Hair bands
    – Hair spray or hair gel
    – Female supplies in a small bag (hidden inside your regular dance bag)
    – Bottle of water
    – Street clothes and/or flip flops to wear after dance class ends

    – iPod and ear buds (to listen to before class while you stretch)
    – Notepad and pen (to write down after class any corrections you received or steps you want to remember)
    – Tissues
    – Chap stick
    – Lotion
    – Band Aids
    – Theraband (if you have one)
    – Ankle/knee wrap (if you are injured – I have a bad ankle so I have to keep an ankle wrap in my dance bag)
    – Icy Hot (this is the most amazing thing for aching muscles)
    – Extra pair of tights
    – Cell phone (for use AFTER class, not during or before)
    – Small snack (such as a granola bar or a bag of dried fruit)
    – Miniature sewing kit (in case the elastics on your ballet shoes break)

  • Paula says:

    This is what I keep in my ballet bag.
    -Water bottle (make sure it is closed tight so it won’t spill)
    – Leotard (the color differs between studios, black leotards should be fine)
    -Tights (usually in pink, again different studios have different preferences)
    -Ballet shoes (Everyone at my studio wears pink slippers)
    -Warm-ups e.g. legwarmers, sweaters, skirts (optional)
    -Hair nets (for making buns)
    -Hair pins and clips (for making buns)
    – Hair elastics
    -Hair spray (optional)
    – Deodorant
    – Band-Aids (just in case)
    – Hairbrush
    – A pen and notepad (for taking notes or writing reminders)
    – A permanent marker (to label my shoes and other clothing during performances)
    – An exercise band (sometimes I use them in class)
    – Elastic (some extras for your shoes)
    -Any other personal items

    There are many other products you might find helpful, but these are the basic Ideas. Happy Dancing!

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