What do I need to do to take a modern dance class?

Question by zasl: What do I need to do to take a modern dance class?
I love contemporary dance but I have heard that you cant really TAKE a contemporary class specifically.
I have no dace background and was just curious to see whether in order to take modern I would have to take a ballet class or any other kind of dace. Also wondering if there IS a beginner ballet class for people my age.
I am in my late teens and the only dance I have taken is hip hop about a year ago.

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Answer by livyyluvsya!
It depends on what city you are in, but in San Francisco there are plenty of teen classes for beginners. There are also plenty of just simply contemporary classes as well.

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  • mintchip49 says:

    If you are interested in “real” contemporary dance, then you are absolutely correct. There are not contemporary classes because there is no such thing as contemporary technique. It is the choreography that makes it contemporary and the technique is both ballet and modern. Added to that is the choreographer’s dance vocabulary. I know that small studios and competition dance have “contemporary” classes that is what ever they decide to call it an it really isn’t a technique class. Competition contemporary dance really isn’t contemporary dance either. In England, contemporary dance classes are street dance classes.
    You should be able to find a teen or adult beginner ballet class. Once you build some ballet technique, then look for a class in a solid modern technique like Graham, Horton or Limon. Then, you sign up for a contemporary workshop with a choreographer. These are most likely in larger cities. I don’t know what is available where you are.

    Of course you can always take one of those “contemporary” classes at a small studio. Who knows what you would be learning. Without ballet even for those classes, you will not be prepared.

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