What do you have your 3-4 year old wear to ballet class?

Question by Bandanna: What do you have your 3-4 year old wear to ballet class?
I just enrolled my two girls into ballet class. Dance is something very new to me and I was wondering what I should buy for them to wear?

Answer by Howard75
Buy them com-fee outfits. Such as yoga pants and t-shirts. Nothing like jeans that could restrain flexibility. No skirts unless some sort of pants are beneath them. Cam is tanks and t-shirts work best because they are light airy and easy to move in. Ballet shows are really what you need for shows because flips flops could just fly off you feet and tennis shoes make it annoying to tip toe on and lift legs. A pony tail could do the trick of keeping hair out of the way while leasing or twirling. 🙂

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  • Lena Dawson- Baby Adrian is here! says:

    My daughters class are required to wear a leotard with tights and ballet slippers, shes now 5 and started at 3, but it depends on the teacher, some are less formal and allow them to wear just sweat pants/shorts and a t-shirt, I would call the instructor and ask.

  • honey says:

    It all depends on the school. Some are strict with colors, and what they want the girls to wear. Usually it is a leotard, tights and ballet shoes. To be safe..go with all pink.

    since you have 2…look for second hand stuff if money is tight. The stuff you get second hand will all be very gently used…and cost alot less. They only wear them once a week for less then a year, but usually less.

  • something fishy says:

    they need really comfortable leggings and a t-shirt…simple and comfortable…

    i would go and see what the other children are wearing

    i would call and ask for suggestions

    the might have a website so you could see photos of what kids wear

    i would not buy in to anything pricey…to start..i would say comfort is key

  • Lady Lavender says:

    Besides the ballet shoes, you should also get her a few leotards and dance tights. Wal-Mart sells leotards and tights, along with many other department stores and dance supply stores. You can buy ballet shoes at consignment shops for a good price. Most of the time they are in great condition since they are only (supposed to be) worn inside the dance studio.

  • jentkb says:

    I agree with previous posters: check with the school regarding a dress code. Regardless, a plain (or almost-plain) leotard with tights is ideal. Another reason to check with the school… most offer discounts on clothing and shoes.

    If your children are taking a basic class through your city rec (or something similar), leotard and tights are still ideal, and you can get them very inexpensively at Target (or dare I say Walmart). Dancers wear these clothes for a reason: they provide for optimal movement. And while that may not be at the forefront of a preschooler’s mind, it will obviously make them feel comfortable AND they’ll gain the confidence of feeling like a “real” dancer,

    I do advise real leather ballet shoes as opposed to what you might find at Walmart. They’re necessary for providing both traction and ease of movement. My daughter’s first class (age 3) started hours after I signed her up and I tried the Walmart shoes. I had also purchased a decent pair online, so the cheapies were a one-time thing, but $ 10 vs. $ 2 were whole different ball parks.

    One final suggestion: check out the school’s website, or any of the others that explain clothing in depth.

    Good luck to your girls!

  • nancy jo says:

    ask the dance instructor as there may be specific requirements for the class.

  • Lucy says:

    My 2 year old does ballet and every girl (including her) wears a pink leotard with a tutu and pink ballet slippers. You can probably order everything online, and I think Target has some leotards.

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