What if you are scared to join a ballet class?

Question by : What if you are scared to join a ballet class?
I am scared if my mother will give me a funny look and say, “Ballet? Really?” I am scared of the cost too. What if she says yes, but the price is too high?

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Answer by Ashley!!!
You shouldn’t be scared of what your mother will say, it’s what you want to do. Not her. and if the price is too high at a certain studio try other studios:)

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  • Ally says:

    Don’t be afraid it’s really fun, and no where near as scary as movies and television makes it out to be.

  • primaballerina says:

    Don’t be scared, ballet is amazing! It’s a lot of fun, builds discipline, endurance and strength. Your mother should be happy you’re interested in ballet, as it’s such a good hobby or even a way to keep you busy. If your mom does say yes, look around in your area for a recreational/recital dance studio. Those tend to be the cheapest. Dance can be a little pricey when it comes to classes, the attire and costumes but it is definitely worth it!
    Good luck!

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