What is a ballet dancers typical day like?

Question by Marina: What is a ballet dancers typical day like?
I love ballet!! I wanted to know what a professional ballet dancers day would be like. Try to like include what time they woyld be doing this too!! Thanks

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Answer by Stevie
Very busy! Professional ballet dancers are usually very dedicated and perfectionists. I was in ballet for 11 years. I never became a professional dancer, but I do know that they are up early and working hard during the day.

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  • ℬℯʟʟ℮ ∂αᾔṧℯ ♡ says:

    Until I was out of high school, I had school until 4, then I would be at the studio until 8, sometimes until 10 depending. I did that usually 3 days during the school week. I was also in theatre so I would arrange it around theatre as much as I could. I would do homework on break periods. On Saturdays, I’d do as much as 8 hours, usually from the early morning (7 am or so) until mid afternoon. I never went in on Sundays until I was out of high school. Then the rest of Saturday, and sunday were my times to do homework and hang out with friends. That was my normal schedule- it was very different when there were competitions or recitals.

  • mintchips49 says:

    I was asked this about a month ago, so I just copied and pasted my answer. Hope you don’t mind.

    Typical day.. you wake up around 8:30, have coffee and stretch then breakfast, walk to the subway and head for class where you stretch, than a 1 hr 45 mins. ballet class followed by rehearsal. Have late lunch then go back home and take a nap around 3:30. Wake up about an hour later and eat something walk to the subway and stop for coffee and coconut water and head for the theater. Arrive 1/2 hour before curtain time. Stretch and warm up back stage. Have a small snack at intermission and drink plenty of water. After the show drink more water and then out for dinner at around 11 PM and go home and crash in bed. Not too romantic.

    You take class everyday even on show days or on rehearsal days. It is rather a cut throat industry and depending on what ballets are up for the season and the height of the male dancers in the company or who they like to partner you with, it has a lot to do with how you are cast. The nature of the repertory each season has a lot to do with it too. The career is very short and over in a flash and then you have the bulk of your life to figure out what you do next.

    Training for the ballet is very hard. You give up friends and family and often have to dorm at your ballet academy so you can take multiple classes a day. You take about 30 hours of ballet technique classes a week and even more in the summer months. You academics are also often arranged by your academy or you do home schooling so you can finish high school early and apprentice for the ballet at age 16. Some do it as early as 15 and others at 17. Six months later you are asked to join the company as corps de ballet. Training starts young at about 7 or 8 with a cut off of 10 or 11 for untrained dancers. It is different for the men in the ballet. They can start much later.

    * Additional from last time: There is a lot of flying and jet lag from touring and the schedules are different on those days.
    *note.The coconut water is from my daughter’s experience and what she uses all the time. They didn’t have that in my day.

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