Why Send Your Children to Ballet Dance Class?

Why Send Your Children to Ballet Dance Class?

Why would parents send their young kids of 3 years old or 4 years old to ballet dance class. It doesn’t need us to tell you that it is normally the parents that want their children to learn ballet, rather than the children like to dance. In this article, we tell you why we send children to learn ballet when they are young.

Ballet helps to foster child discipline. During the class, the ballet teacher will guide each and every children the proper dance steps and dance moves. So children will required to follow the teacher guidance to learn to dance properly. They follow instruction so that they have the proper dance step and posture. This ensure discipline inside the children.

Ballet class is also a platform to learn on group dynamics and provide plenty of opportunity for social interaction. A typical class of ballet lesson consists of 4-12 children. During the class, there will be interaction within children. They make friends and started showing each other the right dance move, or even tell the other kids what was wrong with their moves. Thus for home school children, this is a place where your children will get to know friends of their age. Often they are ballet performance from the class too. Children learning ballet together will be asked to performed in the group, thus they will be required to sync up and foster “team work” within them since young.

Even if professional ballet dancer is not what you envision your child to be, ballet students will learn and practice good body posture and learn to take care of their body fitness. Children who learn ballet since young will practice good body posture. It is the key element when performing ballet. They have to stand straight up. You don’s see ballerina with hunch back. Ballerina is also required to watch out their body fitness. Ballet is just like exercise, children who likes to stay at home and play computer game at least can be send to a ballet class once or twice a week to get some stretching and exercise while having fun with other kids.

Often, children that learn ballet have self-confidence as they will need to perform in front of audience. Dancing in public does required a lot of confidence. For shy kids, they can start by performing in public with a group of young kids. Doing so for a few rounds will definitely boot up their confident and in no time, you will be surprise that this shy kid may actually perform solo!

Last but not the least, ballet is the root of all dances! Master ballet when they are young, and they can pick up any other dance easily in future. Regardless whether it is a jazz, modern or ballroom, once children learn ballet, they can master any of the dance easily.


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