Would you allow your son to take up ballet lessons?

Question by hedgewitch*~*~*~: Would you allow your son to take up ballet lessons?
I did ballet until I was 13. In our ballet school of 400 students there was two boys (late 1970s, early 1980s).

When my daughter did ballet up to ten years ago at the same school there was 800 students and 6 boys (1998)

Does your son do ballet lessons?

Would you allow your son to take up ballet lessons?

Why/or why not?

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Answer by Rio Madeira
If he really wanted to, I’d be fine with it, although I’d cringe at the thought of any children I’d ever have taking ballet.

ROSE: No, I’m fine with dance, just not ballet. I hated it. Jazz and hip-hop were awesome, though.

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3 Responses to “Would you allow your son to take up ballet lessons?”

  • Still Untamed ;p says:

    lol second Rio….

    If he wanted to do it I’d take him….but I wont lie I’m not encouraging my daughter to take dance.

  • R. Gaspari says:

    No, I wouldn’t allow for this. I don’t like this sort of business. If he’s a gay, I’m not gonna stop loving my child, but there’s no way in hell I’m gonna support my otherwise straight son doing ballet.

    Perhaps if I lived in a culture where men doing ballet were acceptable and not regarded as a feminine activity, I’d feel differently, but if my son wanted to do this in the US, I’d tell him he’s messing up big time.

    I don’t care for boys acting like girls. In the old days, when the boy acted like a girl, you’d just tell him not to be dumb. But now it’s taboo to scold your child for acting dumb. I don’t care about what’s PC or not, there’s no way I’m gonna allow my son to do ballet.

    He’s either gonna learn how to play Football or do some male sport, none of this girly stuff, no way.

  • Megan1470 says:

    I would allow my son to do anything he wanted to, within reason of course. If this is something he would really enjoy, then I would have no reason to prevent him from pursuing it.

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