Ballet Pianist

Now it seems to me that I accompany ballet since I was born.
Each combination given by the ballet master immediately ignites in me as sounds, rhythms and accents. I grow together with the dancers, their motions cause in me a response reaction, which immediately through the tips of my finger splashes out on them as sounds, pushing them to the responding motions.

It is pleasant to work with the musical dancers, who value this and answer with reciprocity. We play together in a team, we are in the ensemble. It is not that I accompany the dancers and not that they follow the music - we are making exercise together. It is good, when keys obey me as the piece of soap in my hands. I improvise. Well, someone must make this at the lesson.

I once accompanied the dancing improvisation - that was really something!
Two famous girls, Vera Sander and Panja Fladerer, persuaded me to experiment with this type of dancing technique. We have build a plot - who, when and where - all very approximately: entrance, the solo of one girl, the solo of another, the duet and the conclusion. Everything else was left for the liberty of fantasy and inspiration. The excellent art came out! This was considerably more complex than playing the class. Nevertheless there is a ballet master who gives exercise, and we are limited by his framework.