MP3 editor software

I am offering you this program, mp3DirectCut. It is a free, fast, small and simple MP3 editor.

You can cut, copy and paste or change MP3 audio. Quality does not deteriorate. It's easy to navigate through large files. It can handle Cue sheets, allowing to split a file at cue positions. You can directly record an MP3 from your audio input device. You can also use this program as an audio player.

Basic audio editing:
Editing audio fragments is meant to create a compilation of some audio content. Each time you cut, paste or set a cue one or more new parts will be created. Like in other editors, you begin by making a selection. This can be an audio range or only a single position. Ranges can be used to cut, copy or paste. A position selection is for creating cues or points of volume change.

You can download this program here. This package contains the program and a full description on working with audio.

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Homepage of the program: