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Russian ballet in Malta

In Malta's capital Valletta toured with great success of Russian Theatre "Crown of the Russian ballet". Tickets were not available, the theatre car park there. In the Mediterranean Centre was shown only 2 ballet on Tchaikovsky's music - "Nutcracker". Photographed at the time of the submission is not allowed, so all the audience actively photographing. The Administration eventually calmed down and at the end of the Centre does not allow ceased.

After the performance was a place to take an autograph from Russian beauties-the ballerina. In the queue was seen even the President of Malta.

Many came from abroad, using services of company holidays in Malta.

The head of the theatre "Crown of the Russian ballet" Anatoly Emelyanov, came to Malta last spring. Joint ballet dancers with his idea. He had already tried it with other young dancers. Showing teachers how movements in dance studios, reviewing the role of Anatoly left - "Crown of the Russian ballet" busy touring schedule, theatre travelled to Italy, Germany, Canada, Japan, Kenya, the list goes on. Training was without the participation of Moscow ballet-masters. At the same time, in the spring to raise Viewer failed. But gloomy autumn day isn't the best time for fairy tales?

Familiarity with the Moscow troupe of dancers was held on the day of the premiere.

The ballet "the Nutcracker" special destiny. This tale of familiar favorite, because many parents have to raise children, Mal mala less. And the whole performance was silence in the room! The beauty of classical art all ages ...

17-06-2012: Mamo

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