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Store your music on the Internet

Pretty much all kinds of services that can be used to store music on the Internet. In preparing this review not much uńćitano. If you think that was a wonderful resource, please write in the comments.

Social network with the ability to store music, videos and photos. Here you can store your files for a long time. However, there is a slight loss of quality.
From pluses I handy player which you can easily post on your site. Playlist, which can also be placed on your site. If you love to recruit in social network points, then for every download you will get a few points. You can only upload files from your computer. You cannot download.

Although the service is focused on storing videos, downloading music, no problem. The code for posting songs on your website, blog or Forum, you will be given. Personal impressions, player too heavy and overloaded functions, the more it is optimized for video playback. But nothing compresses. Oh and the main flaw that neither search nor navigate the music just don't.

Server, where you can locate and download music. Running stably, based on the principle of virtual desktops. Music remains in excellent quality and without problems now.

Another social network with the ability to store files. Its creators have gone ahead and combined the network designer sites, professional hosting and Internet business. Many features are available only to paid account, but free features much more than traditional network. The space in 1 Gb, you can record any files. Music and video are played in a convenient and simple player. Codes for placement are provided. Download your file and an unregistered user.


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