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If you have websites or web-based resources about ballet just post it in comment here! So what I suggest you now is Free Online Encyclopedia. I'm sure you find here what you are looking for. It is not just about ballet!

But it contains terms from different areas of dance-classical ballet, dances of the peoples of the world, vintage, ballroom, dance.
What is the The dictionary will give answers to the questions of this kind!

Glossary Of Ballet Dance. Choreography reflects the diversity of the world of dance. It is not surprising that in this book, as is reflected in a drop of water and the variety of books on choreography!
To date, Internet Encyclopedia the leader in the field of literature on Ballet and choreography. In the Directory publishing and republishing as authoritative works Vaganovoj, Kostrovickoj, Krasobvskaya and interesting novelties. Many new tutorials added to. Manual of classical dance, modern dance, ancient dance, flamenco, Argentine Tango, children's dances.

Users have an possibility to put their own articles about ballet in this encyclopedia. Enter the page, press Add article and give the information you consider to be important. If an article meets the content of the encyclopedia, a moderator must read this article and then we place it here, keeping your hyperlinks.


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