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Denton Dance Conservatory

Kiev Ballet Academy alum Yulia Llina will advise a ballet class at 7 p.m. Tuesday at Denton Dance Conservatory, 4103 Mesa Drive. The chic is for avant-garde ballet dancers ages 13 and older, and is allotment of the Denton City Contemporary Ballet Com­mu­nity Adept Chic Series. The is costs $20.

Llina, a choreographer and teacher, choreographed Mister X, Silva and Cinderella for the St. Petersburg Operetta Thea­ter in Russia. As an educator, Ilina teaches ballet and choreography classes at the St. Petersburg State Theater Arts Academy. In 2007 she became a accompanist of St. Petersburg State Ballet Theatre.

Her repertoire includes Myrta in Giselle, Big Swan, Queen and Spanish Ballerina in Swan Lake, Egyptian and Gaditanian Maiden in Spartak, Despair in Sculptures of Rodin, Mouse Queen in The Nut­cracker, Carmen in Carmen and more.

UNT acceptance ambit ‘Downbeat’ awards

University of North Texas acceptance and apparel becoming 15 Downbeat Apprentice Music Awards this year — added than any added institution. The celebrated awards were arise in the June affair of the civic applesauce magazine.

“The DownBeat Apprentice Music Awards are the a lot of cogent awards that acceptance in our acreage can receive,” John Murphy, applesauce studies chairman, said in a account release. “Our acceptance consistently arise a part of the winners. What’s abnormally cogent about this year’s awards are the ample amount of acceptance accustomed and the actuality that the awards awning the abounding ambit of our affairs areas, including ample and baby ensembles, active and articulate performance, and agreement and arranging.”

The DownBeat Apprentice Music Awards, founded in 1976, are advised the a lot of celebrated awards in applesauce education. Hundreds of musicians, music educators and music industry professionals accustomed their aboriginal all-embracing acceptance as apprentice winners.

UNT’s Two O’clock Lab Band was the alum academy champ in the ample applesauce ensemble category. Band associates are Justin Pierce, Alex Fraile, Nick Salvucci, J.R. Rocha and Spencer Liszt on saxophone; Tyler Mire, Jake Boldman, Kevin Swaim, Ally Hany and Li Xiaochuan on trumpet; Carl Lundgren, Austin Short, Julie Gray, John Gauer and Craig Flentge on trombone; Sean Giddings on piano, Jacob Wise on guitar, Daniel Parr on bass, Greg Sadler on drums, Ben Christenson on bang and Kaela Bratcher on vocals. The band’s adroitness coach is Jay Saunders.

Denton Dance Conservatory

The Zebras won the applesauce accumulation accolade for alum schools, and aswell accustomed apprehension for outstanding achievement by a articulate applesauce group. Associates are Michelle Alonso and Jacqueline Sotelo on vocals; Adam Hutcheson on alto saxophone and flute; Alejandro Fraile on alto saxophone, acute saxophone and flute; Mark De Hertogh on tenor saxophone, acute saxophone and flute; Luke Brimhall on trombone, Li Xiaochuan on trumpet and flugelhorn, Roberto Verastegui on piano, Ian Tucker on acoustic and electric bass, Jason Valdez on electric guitar, Colin Hinton on drums, and administrator Sergio Pamies on percussion. The group’s adroitness advisers are Stefan Karlsson and Richard DeRosa.

The Sergio Pamies Latin Project was called the alum academy champ for Latin group. Associates are Michelle Alonso and Jacqueline Sotelo on vocals, Pete Clagett on trumpet and flugelhorn (soloist), Tyler Mire on advance trumpet, Juan Chaves on trumpet, Luke Brimhall and Kevin Hicks on trombone, Adam Hutcheson and Alejandro Fraile on alto saxophone, Mark De Hertogh and Abdeel “Tito” Charneco on tenor saxophone, Todd Winton on baritone saxophone, Dustin Kiselbach on acoustic and electric bass, Duran Ritz on drums, and Ben Christensen and Anthony Corsaro on percussion. Their adroitness coach is Stefan Karlsson.

Brian Clancy, a tenor saxophone player, won an accolade for undergraduate applesauce soloist. His adroitness coach is Bradford Leali.

Trenton Hull won a articulate applesauce accompanist accolade for undergraduates, while Sarah Kervin won the accolade in the alum academy division. Their adroitness coach is Rosana Eckert.

An aboriginal agreement accolade for an orchestrated plan went to Michelle Alonso and Sergio Pamies for “Desabafo” in the alum academy division. Their adroitness coach is Stefan Karlsson.

The applesauce adjustment accolade in the alum academy analysis was accustomed to Tyler Mire for “Confirmation.” Mire’s adroitness coach is Richard DeRosa.

The UNT Applesauce Singers I were accustomed for outstanding achievement by a ample articulate applesauce ensemble at a alum school. Associates are Kaela Bratcher, Mikaela Kahn, Katrina Cain, Sarah Kervin, Mihwa Kim, Lisa Markley, Ashleigh Smith, Trenton Hull, Aaron Schu­macher, Seth Weaver, Daewon Lee, Terrence Brown, Paul Shinn, Robert Hokamp, Kevin Bach and Dan Pennell. The group’s adroitness coach is Jennifer Barnes.

CircleSong — Kaela Bratcher, Kathryn Christie, Caity Brady, Tabitha Myles, Sarah Kervin and Ashleigh Smith — accustomed an outstanding achievement accolade for a articulate applesauce accumulation at a alum school. Their adroitness coach is Stefan Karlsson.

Outstanding achievement awards by an undergraduate articulate applesauce accompanist went to Kaela Bratcher and Ashleigh Smith. Bratcher’s adroitness coach is Rosana Eckert; Smith is mentored by Jennifer Barnes.

Kathryn Christie won an outstanding achievement accolade for articulate applesauce accompanist in a alum program. She is mentored by Rosana Eckert.

An outstanding achievement accolade for aboriginal agreement advance area in the undergraduate analysis went to Drew Zaremba for “A Happy Song.”


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